Who We Are

Family First.

As sisters, we have first-hand experience with what it means to care for our loved ones.  In a matter of a few short months, we had to make quick and unexpected decisions relating to the care of two family members.   It was overwhelming.   Thankfully, one of us had just left the corporate world, after twenty-five years of professional marketing experience, and had the time to do the research, understand all the options (and there were plenty) and help our family make decisions.   But it was still a lot, especially under the added stress of having to make quick decisions.

Shortly after those unexpected situations, it become clear to us what our immediate next steps would be: take the information we learned, learn even more and then share that with others who might be facing similar situations.  We knew we could utilize our marketing backgrounds, couple that with our small-town roots (where we were taught family first; being disrespectful is never an option; and always – always – treat people the way you want to be treated); and ultimately help make another family’s life change a little bit easier.

Since then, we’ve come to love our decision.  Every day we help families in a meaningful and sincere way.  Every day we  learn more about other humans (and less about spreadsheets and bottom lines),  and we  find joy.  For these reasons, we are blessed.

Sherri Mauger, CSA has spent two decades managing marketing departments within the professional services industry.  This experience has provided her with solid organizational and leadership qualities that prove helpful to busy families.

Nanette Wickline has spent her professional career in person-to-person sales.  Her experience provides her with exceptional communication skills that allow her to listen with her ears and hear with her heart.

We look forward to helping you.