Nursing Homes

Nursing home facilities are typically for seniors requiring intensive, short- or long-term medical care needs. These facilities are fully staffed and maintain 24-hour monitoring and medical assistance.  The typical nursing care resident is either recovering from a serious injury or suffers from a severe illness (cardiac or respiratory disease).

Because nursing care facility costs are often paid for by Medicaid and Medicare, we recommend viewing recent state inspection survey results which provides detailed information about past performance of every Medicare and Medicaid certified nursing home in the country. Click here ( for more information.

Nursing Care Facility Costs

According to, the national median daily room rate for a nursing care facility semi-private room is $220 per day and $250 per day for a private room. That’s a 3.77% and 4.17%, respectively, increase over 2014 average costs.  Medicare and Medicaid will typically pay for these costs.